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I realize I haven’t been very good about keeping in touch with most of you (save the occasional cryptic post) and I feel very bad about that. For any of my old Tumblr buddies who see this: a visual survey of Vanessa’s 2014 so far.
(Largest to smallest objects)
1) Books. I’m an assistant manager at a bookstore now! I got this job (and promotion) in one of those weird, sudden ways that leaves you feeling really small in the wake of random, life-changing sequences that occur- by chance! all the time!- in the universe. But I get to work with books all day, which is cool, and I get paid a lot to do it, which is almost as cool. I’m in the middle of 1Q84 (still), and I have been reading about our world’s food systems and cultivation of farm-to-table cuisine in The Third Plate: A Field Guide to the Future of Food. It’s really good. Also, Cosmos by Carl Sagan because duh.
2) My boyfriend! Nico’s pretty cool. He bought me a ticket to Scotland, so we’ll be there in early October. He’s named after the singer and we’re moving in together now (not because of his name, though).
3) Chocolate. Always.


by Mark Cohen

Josefin Bergström