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i’ve been thinking about this a lot

1. April 2014

and, like, why can’t i be a hot mother/herbologist/elementary school teacher/step-on-your-dick art collector living in london? 

let me nurture the youth and pull you into bed.


sext: i want to pay bills and share household duties and approach our late 20’s in a financially and emotionally stable way with you

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not gonna lie:

your lisp
makes me want to bone

Things I would say to the people in my life if I had more guts

24. March 2014

1. Thank you for proving me wrong, filling my days with sweetness, reminding me to relinquish control, and for always touching my butt.

2. Thanks for teaching me that I can live without you.

3. Thank you for being there when you had no obligation to be there, and becoming some of my closest family in such a short amount of time.

4. Thanks for picking me up in the middle of the night to let me cry on your couch for three days. For tea and baking, hiking and laughing. I know I will see you very soon.

5. Thank you for reminding me that I am not as awful as I thought I was.